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edit: this is a friends-only journal. I really am not the most interesting person in the first place, Yeah. Add me, I'll add you. -August 30, 2002.

I should make a spiffy image shouldn't I? Like everyone else in the universe. Hmm. Shall work on doing that. [work on = never] -some other date

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
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I'm reading it. Not liking it, but reading it. ^^
Yo. add me because I rock.
*walks up to the "Add Friend" button* *pushes it*

*runs away, cackling*

Okay, I would have stolen you for Steal-A-Friend week, but I'm just a little late... ^^;; Sowwies. Add me...?
add me? D:
Hey, you don't know me and all, but i was wondering if maybe i could add you to my friends list? I saw your grammar icon at grammar_whores, which is how i found your journal. We seem to have the same interests and all. So yeah, i'm going on about nothing right now x.x
Of course. ^^;
May I be added, dawg?
rhiannariddle said I should friend you. Do you mind if I do?
I was t00bing about my journal and I randomly found this because I screwed my style and now I feel really bad cause like I delete all my mail because it all is about viagra (whichIdontneedthankgod) so I missed your comment and it's like 3 months later and yes.

I feel whorish being like "Okay you can friend me now three months later after I deleted everything everybody said to me and ignored my journal" but you can friend me if you er... still feel like it. Muah.

It's okay. *g* I forgot too. I saw your name on the comment email and was like, "Why is she commenting to me?" And there I was like, "Oh, yeeeaaah."

So hello. :>
add meh? :)
Hoi! This was tidfu, but I moved my journal to hakaze and added you there. So. Addaddaddaddaddaddadd~ *harasses* oô;

New LJ for Erin in California Erin.

hi! I think we've met, maybe in a chat..? Anyway, you are good friends with a lot of my good friends, and I have just stumbled upon your journal and thought, HM I SHOULD ADD THIS LOVELY GIRL, so I have. :) so, hello, my name is Lily, have we met?
I have heard of you, but I don't think I've directly talked to you if that makes sense. I actually debated adding you when you were at the top of my "friends your friends have who you don't have friended" meme list thing which I'm sure had a better name. But I didn't because I'm a scaredy-cat. Meow.

Hi, I'm Mia and your icon is pretty.
omg mia.

its psy.

-adds you-
Wow, it's been forever.

Anything important happen?
um... im in college now? :D
Hi there. Do you believe in auras? I have an open mind about them and suspect I may have a lavender aura. I'm interested in talking to someone else who might have the same colour. You listed "lavender aura" in your interests, which is how I found you. :-)
very interesting, but I don't agree with you
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